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Thank you for visiting our Divi Support page. Please check our Divi Support list of bugs and fixes. If the fix for your bug is not listed below and you are a member please submit a support request for assistance.

Divi Support for Bug Fixes and Solutions

Bloom pop-up is broken and not displaying completely.

Issue: The CSS for the background has collapsed to 100 pixels tall.

Fix: apply the CSS code below to your Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS field

.et_bloom_form_header, .et_bloom_form_content, .et_bloom_form_container_wrapper {
height: auto!important;

Reference: https://divi.help/threads/bloom-popup-partial-display-bug.2534/

Divi Theme update breaks Toolset View
Issue: Divi 4 and Toolset, the Divi builder is modifying the “post in the loop” variable from WordPress… this makes Views not work at all with Divi. Workaround: change your page or post that uses your Toolset View back to the default/Gutenberg editor and paste your short code. Your Divi Theme will still display the header and footer areas. toolset and divi bug   Reference: https://toolset.com/2019/10/toolset-and-divi-4-issues/
5 Essential Divi Builder Guides

5 Essential Divi Builder Guides

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Raa01uGZY&list=PL6oN8GbKBnrm1kkVhFwzOEyxYCYkPP1oR #Divi, #DiviTheme, #DiviBuilder, @divimanager 5 Essential Divi Builder Guide: how to use divi builder? The page builder for the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. 1) How To Enable...

Preparing for managed Divi Hosting

This article contains all the steps from my simple WordPress Divi Hosting evaluation system which has helped dozens of businesses host successful WordPress sites. This will increase your chances of completing your website and make sound decisions about hosting...

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Divi Manager FAQs

Why choose Divi Manager?

Divi Manager is the only management solution for Divi websites. We help you integrate hosting, management, sales, licensing, and reporting.

Can I use my own Elegant Themes license?

Yes, actually, we do NOT include a Divi license with your account.

Can I use my Elegant Themes license for my customers?

Yes, you can. In fact, once the set up is completed you will not need to license each Divi project, it will be automated.

What if I change my mind and want a refund?

Yes, we will refund your money to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. 

Does Divi Manager work on WordPress.com?

No, because our plugins are not compatible with WordPress.com hosting.

Does Divi Manager work on other hosting providers?

Yes, Divi Manager plugins work on Pressable and Digital Ocean.

Are you manually installing and managing Divi websites?

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