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Divi Manager is a suite of plugins specifically built to automate the installation, management, and reporting of Divi Theme websites.
Hosting and licensing are not included.

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The Divi theme is beautiful! You can easily create professional layouts even if you are not a designer. The theme can be used for any kind of business, truly a multi-purpose theme fitting any occasion. If you want a jumpstart load layouts from the library.

In addition, the Divi Theme has lots of modules that you can easily add to your pages, creating more functionality on your website. Elegant Themes is not only beautiful but very affordable, plain and simple. The Divi Theme also has a great community behind it with customization videos, example layouts, and more.

Divi Has Marketing Power

Monarch by Elegant Themes is an easy to use social share and follow plugin that gives your website marketing power, allowing you to neatly add social icons which link to your social media accounts. Their Bloom plugin will also increase your lead generation efforts by configuring multiple triggers with great design. Divi Manager recommend that you purchase a license for these plugins if you don’t have one.

Are you manually installing and managing Divi websites?

Divi Manager DemoDivi Manager Free Download

The Divi Management Solution

The Divi Manager plugins are designed to be a revolutionary web design system for Divi web designers using the most popular WordPress Theme in the world, Divi.
  • Automated billing of maintenance plans using WooCommerce
  • Automated WordPress deployment using our remote, rapid deployment plugin directly from your website at time of customer purchase.
  • Management built-in to your website store for version management and customer reporting.
In one year, a web designer, using the Divi manager solution, who has built 24 websites will save 48 hours worth $2400 billed at $50/hour.
Assuming that the Divi designer builds 2 websites per month.  The rapid remote website deployment plugin will save a web designer 2 hours of time for every website built.

Rapid Deployment

Divi Manager’s remote rapid website deployment plugin is “The Time Saver“. Once configured, your customer’s purchase will initiate their fully configured WordPress website in minutes. Then, you can log in and start designing immediately. Also, the customer’s domain name will be listed in your Woocommerce subscriptions, helping you keep track of each website for each customer.

Version Management

Divi Manager’s Management Dashboard gives us quick access without having to log into a separate system. On the Divi Management “Dashboard” you will see all your version of PHP, theme(s), plugins, and WP core.  You will be able to individually or bulk update themes and plugins. 

Email Reporting

Divi Manager’s email reporting plugin is unique because it focuses on what matters most, the bottom line. The email reporter sends an email report of your website’s sales, customer form entries, opt-ins, and social activity. The email reporter is completely customizable with shortcodes. It also reports back to the management dashboard for remote updates.

Are you manually installing and managing Divi websites?

Divi Manager DemoDivi Manager Free Download

Sarah’s Website Story

uses Elegant Themes Divi theme with a Divi Masonry plugin for filterable recipes making a simple but beautiful website for Sara’s country store.

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Divi Manager FAQs

Why choose Divi Manager?

Divi Manager is the only management solution for Divi websites. We help you integrate hosting, management, sales, licensing, and reporting.

Can I use my own Elegant Themes license?

Yes, actually, we do NOT include a Divi license with your account.

Can I use my Elegant Themes license for my customers?

Yes, you can. In fact, once the set up is completed you will not need to license each Divi project, it will be automated.

What if I change my mind and want a refund?

Yes, we will refund your money to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. 

Does Divi Manager work on WordPress.com?

No, because our plugins are not compatible with WordPress.com hosting.

Does Divi Manager work on other hosting providers?

Yes, Divi Manager plugins work on Pressable and Digital Ocean.

Are you manually installing and managing Divi websites?

Divi Manager DemoDivi Manager Free Download

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