How to disable un-used Jetpack settings in WordPress?

Jetpack has a lot of benefits. Jetpack is a CDN, loading various features and code from WordPress. However, enabling all the options and then not using them can cause the negative effect of slowing down your website to your customers. So, when enabling Jetpack features treat them just as you would adding another plugin to your website, less plugins is usually faster delivery.

How to enable Single Sign On (SSO) in Jetpack with

I find the SSO very helpful on the websites that are not loaded into our Management system, giving me one password to rule them all. You may also pull in some cool statistics about how your website is doing.

WordPress How to enable Jetpacks mobile theme?

Enabling the mobile theme is easy. Log into your WordPress admin panel and navigate to your Jetpack settings tab. Next the to “Mobile Theme” on the right click the “activate” button. Regarding mobile themes, sometimes it’s better to use the lean and fast mobile theme that Jetpack offers vs a broken or non responsive website theme. If your customer base is in a rural area then download speed is a real concern. I have noticed that in the rural area where I live there is an increase of mobile devices accessing websites because it is not affordable to pay for both home internet and mobile internet. Thus, a lot of rural residents cancel their home internet and just use their mobile devices. If your client base is rural and your not selling products then the Jetpack mobile theme is a great alternative.

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