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Not getting email notifications from your website forms?

Why don't I get emails from my website form? Website forms are an essential part of your website because it generates leads for your business by starting the conversation. If your website forms are not working then your business is at a standstill. If you are paying for advertisements to drive traffic to your website, you could be wasting money. Almost everyone has had or will eventually have issues with their website forms. A lot of the time form issues are not related to the form but are actually problems with email delivery. There are several steps to delivering an email from a website form. Here are the steps. The website form saves the information on the website. The information is picked up and sent to your email account. Your email account then puts the email into the correct folder. Now, let’s look at this process in more detail. 1) Blocking the spammers Hackers and spammers love to find forms that are not secure, so they can use them to send their own messages or access...

Top 5 WordPress Themes | Are They “Gutenberg” Ready?

Are the Top 10 Themes Gutenberg Ready? Are you tired of a blank page and simple editor in your WordPress website? Let's take a look at the best WordPress themes and the future of your WordPress website. Your WordPress theme may or may not be compatible with the new WordPress version 5.0 called "Gutenberg". We have dug through articles to find what each WordPress theme is doing to get ready for Gutenberg and tried to determine if the report for each theme is positive or negative. Before we begin, let's clarify, not all themes have builders. Some themes work best with certain layout builders. In this article, we have organized our list of the most popular themes and their builder if not included with the theme. #1 WooCommerce Themes The most popular and widely used theme is woocommerce. Woocommerce was purchased by Automatic in May of 2015. They currently make up 20% of the top 1 million WordPress websites1. Woocommerce isn't 100% sure how woocommerce plugins will work with Gutenberg....

Using Gravity Forms for customer conversion

#gravityforms #forms #wordpress @shepherdsloft Gravity Forms Customer Notification Email Part 1 Video How to send a notification email to your customer after they fill out a form? so we're in our gravity forms we're on our contact us form notifications, and we've created a duplicate notification so that we could send one to our customer so right here on the send to line we're going to change this to select a field. Then we're going to make sure that email is selected so that's the email field from the form and then again we are doing it from our website address so the "from" email it needs to match the domain name that it's on that will ensure better email deliverability to the customer this is WordPress in 60 seconds or less how to send a customer notification. Gravity Forms Adding Recaptcha Part 2 Video How to set up Recaptcha for your gravity forms? Once you logged in you are going to go to forms and then you...

Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Will Not Be Replaced

There are lots of companies who build software that competes with either in part or in whole against WordPress websites. I remember websites being a part of our World Wide Web since the 90’s. Then there were chat rooms, forums, and blogs. Now we have all kinds of different web-based software from social media to marketing applications and shopping platforms. This morning I realized that even though I have personally recommended that a small local business only needs a Facebook page, Facebook does not have all the components of a WordPress website. This thought leads me think about what other platforms are doing doing the same? All these other platforms and applications are trying to replace the use of a website or part of a website. #1 Social Platforms Social Platforms are not websites. Though you can definitely acquire and build new relationships much easier on a social network than a website there are missing components. Social platforms typically are discussion based and do not...

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