Divi Tutorial – a custom Divi layout for Safe Choice

using elegant themes

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This video shows you how to design a website with the Divi Theme. Divi Manager hosts and manages WordPress websites. A lot of managed WordPress hosting companies do not include WordPress management. WordPress Management Services like Divi Manager includes all the day-to-day management of your WordPress.

Begin with collaboration

The process of designing your WordPress website should always begin with the client’s input. Collaborating together to sketch out the layout of their home page. Using a system of rows divided by a number of columns, sort out the priorities of the website, putting the highest priority information on the top or highest row.

Design with Divi

After the home page wireframe is completed, then the process of designing the home page is very simple. Using the Elegant Themes, Divi Theme, framework, I carefully selected modules to display the desired content. Then, using a drag and drop method I could duplicate, move and edit the modules to quickly complete the layout.

Managed WordPress hosting

The secret behind WordPress Management Services like Divi Manager is the operations and pre-planning. We have carefully selected the Elegant Themes framework to use for all our web design work. Likewise, we use the Elegant Themes plugins because they will most likely be the most compatible, but they are also awesome and look great, keeping our layout and design consistent. Divi Manager is a fully managed hosting provider.

DiviManager.com manages all the websites it hosts, keeping the themes, plugins, database, and PHP completely up to date. In addition, all websites are not only standardized on one technology stack, but they are cleaned on nearly a daily basis.


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June 19, 2020

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